Career Opportunities

Working with Adelaide Anaesthetic Services

Flexible work arrangements

Tailor your work arrangements to suit your needs, whether you prefer to work part time or manage a mix of public and private appointments.

Work with a range of surgical specialities

Enjoy a varied workload with a practice that covers most surgical specialities, including obstetric anaesthetic services and dental and radiology sedation.

Book leave when you need it

The large size of our practice means there will usually be someone to cover your list when required, and on-call commitments are spread over more doctors than in smaller practices.

For those looking to start or advance their anaesthetist career in Adelaide, our practice offers a range of benefits that only a larger practice can.

Adelaide Anaesthetic Services is one of the largest private anaesthetic groups in Australia. Established for over 30 years, we are Adelaide’s leading anaesthetic care provider, providing more than 60,000 anaesthetic services per annum in Adelaide.

Access the experience and expertise of senior anaesthetists to help you as your career progresses. Our anaesthetists cover most surgical specialties, as well as dental and radiology sedation. We also provide approximately 70% of private obstetric anaesthetic services in Adelaide.

The large size of our practice means we can offer flexibility surrounding leave and on-call commitments. There will usually be someone available to cover a list when required, and spreading on-call shifts over a larger group makes it a less demanding undertaking for all our doctors. This also means that there will usually be lists available for you to pick up when you don’t have a regular list.

We understand the importance of balancing your work and home life, and also offer the opportunity to tailor your work arrangements to suit your individual preferences. Many of our associates work part time or have a mix of public and private work.

Find out more about how a career with Adelaide Anaesthetic Services could benefit you by contacting our Practice Manager Lyn Adey.